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Elegant Knitting - Ethical Production process

Elegant Knitting is one of the few Australian apparel companies that is actually involved in the day to day aspects of knitwear production.   Most companies merely sub-contract their work to others, whilst telling their customers that the work is being done “in their factory”.


We are different because we have genuine involvement in the whole production of your garment, manufactured in Elegant Knitting International [EKI] in the Biyagama Export Processing Zone in Sri Lanka.  We have nothing to hide.


This guarantees that you never need to worry about issues such as child labour, unsafe working environments or unfair rates of pay in the production of your garment. Elegant's commitment to true ethical manufacturing means that every year it has the EKI facilities audited to the SEDEX standard.  In June 2019, the facilities were assessed to the highest level of 4 Pillar compliance.

Elegant is also certified under the international supply chain standards of Oeko-tex, GOTS and BCI cotton.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is SEDEX ?


SEDEX is the most recognised compliance organisation in the world with more than 23,000 companies being audited in more than 150 countries.


What is SMETA ?


SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is an audit standard which is used by inspectors to ensure all the critical issues that affect the lives of our workers are being safeguarded.


What is the 4 Pillar standard?

Over the years SEDEX has been developing 2 levels of compliance - 2 Pillar and 4 Pillar.  The 2 Pillar level is designed to report on all the important operational activities that may affect the well being of workers and is the usual standard met by most ethical manufacturers. 

The 4 Pillar standard goes much further and reports against the company's environmental practices and business ethics behaviours.  This is a much more meaningful and holistic level of ethical compliance.

What is Social Compliance? 

Unfortunately, not everyone looks after their employees, and there have been many bad examples reported in the media of factories exploiting their workers.  Social Compliance is the process of using independent inspectors to verify that we operate a fair and humane company environment for everyone who is involved in manufacturing garments for Elegant Knitting.   Elegant has a deep moral commitment to doing the right thing – always.

However, doing the right thing comes at a cost which is why there are shameful examples from around the world of companies in different industries mistreating employees so as to cut costs and then increase profits. 

This is why it is so important for customers to always ask exactly where their products are being made and ask for proof that the working conditions are socially compliant.  This especially applies to middlemen reselling garments who are making more profit by forcing factories prices lower and lower.  Everything has a cost that needs to be reflected in the price, and Social Compliance audits are an important weapon against unethical behaviour.

Stopping Modern Slavery - our Commitment

Our commitment to conducting business responsibly and ethically means that all aspects of our business practices, including our supply chains, are free from any form of slavery which can take the form of unpaid or underpaid servitude, human trafficking and forced labour. By undergoing SMETA 4 Pillar audits and also being certified to GOTS and Oekotex, we have had to implement effective systems and controls to ensure that it does not take place within any of our supply chains.

Due to the nature of our business and the clients we supply, we do not get involved in high-risk supply chains such as pushing suppliers into detrimental low-cost situations, which are susceptible to modern slavery risks. Therefore we only partner with suppliers who share our stance on modern slavery and who actively seek third-party certification to verify their ethical commitment.  Additionally, we only supply customers who set realistic price expectations because they are also committed to genuine ethical supply chains.

Elegant is proud of its 60+ years tradition of always doing the right thing by its employees and suppliers


Contact us if you would like to know more.

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