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Elegant Knitting is now the longest established knitting company in Australia. Our HQ is located in Penrith, at the base of the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney.  Here we oversee all key business activities, from Customer relations, Finance and raw material purchasing. 


So as to remain globally competitive, in 2010 we established a knitting facility in Sri Lanka to supply all our clients with small runs at very competitive prices.

Critical to achieving small run capability has been the Elegant Production Method that guarantees product consistency and cost efficient manufacturing. It took years to develop in Australia, and now we have implemented the Method in Sri Lanka.

To achieve our small run strategy, requires constant training and development of all our staff so that the Elegant Method.

We use exclusively Shima Seiki technology from Japan, which allows us to create almost any type of knitwear that our customers may desire.  We can knit from very course to fine gauge knits, and have achieved a strong reputation for creating very fine lightweight merino knitwear.

Merino is our favourite fibre and we recommend it to every customer who is seeking the best knitwear possible.

Sampling is efficiently and seamlessly undertaken with a 10 day turn around and using our huge yarn stockholding of over 80 colours.

We set up our Sri Lanka factory to use all the same methods and procedures that we developed over 50 years.

We believe that the most important thing of all is the welfare of our people.


That is why we set strict guidelines for every aspect of Social Compliance from the outset.  Our facility is accredited by SGS to the Garments Without Guilt standard set by the government.  


This is a guarantee for our customers that they are receiving garments manufactured to the highest standards of quality,  as well as the highest standards of integrity and respect for our employees well being. 

Elegant Knitting is very proud of its commitment to Social and Ethical integrity

Crafted in beautiful Sri Lanka

a better life...
a better sweater
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