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In 1952 we started as a small knitting company in Sydney Australia. Since the arrival of our first knitting machine, we have continued to grow from a small family business into a global knitwear manufacturer.

We were awarded our first Army sweater contract in 1978, and from that moment on we have focussed on customers who needed performance knitwear that had to last and last. 

Durable, strong but always .... Elegant. 

Flimsy fashion catwalk knitwear is not suitable for our customers, instead they demand well designed, contemporary knitwear with high performance.  Whether it's for an Army officer, an airline pilot or a school student, our knitwear is worn all day - everyday.


Our customers depend on our experience and knowledge to help create the right garment for them - and that's the essence of the Elegant Knitting reputation.

In 2010 we started knitting in Wattala Sri Lanka, to help meet our business growth into Europe and the US. We eventually moved all our knitting production from our Sydney factory in Penrith to Sri Lanka, but have continued to manage all our customers from Sydney.  This ensures our customers have the ongoing customer service from Australia and the cost benefits of Sri Lankan manufacturing.

In 2019 Elegant Knitting International opened in the Biyagama Export Zone in newly built facilities and has become the largest flatbed sweater manufacturer in Sri Lanka exporting 100% of its production around the world.

If you are interested in knitwear information, we have added a Knowledge Blog section with articles and ideas that may be helpful.   Send us a note if there is something about knitwear production that you wish to know about.

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