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(Raeburn circa 1793)

Susan has been the Administrative Officer with Elegant for more than 25 years.  She has seen all our growth and in the process knows everything that happens in our business. Most importantly, she controls the purse strings and makes sure that all our customers and suppliers are up to date.  No excuses.


(Vigee LeBrun circa 1783)

Cindy oversees our warehousing and everything within it is her domain. There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. She keeps a very orderly world which guarantees that our customers get what they want with a minimum of fuss.


(Frans Hal circa 1624)

Tim is our boss, and spends most of his time driving us crazy with another one of his ideas and asking 'why cant we do it?'...  Life is never boring.

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(J S Sargent circa 1906)

Nicole joined us after learning the ropes in all aspects of the garment industry from alterations through to bespoke designer wear.  So she has a great grasp of what needs to be done to get the right garment for our customer on time.  This keeps her busy pushing the production team to get things done- on time. 


(Sargeant circa 1887)

Stavroula began her career in the sewing section and rose to the Supervisor's position, so she has seen the production of every item we have made.  With this level of product knowledge, we moved her to the Development team to make sure "things happened".  This means we can design a new garment that is production-ready in record time. 


(Fran Hal circa 1628)

Victor is our Knitter-in-Residence, guru of all things knitting.  After far too many years tweaking and fiddling, he knows more about knitting and knitting machines than anyone else in the whole wide universe. It is a brave person who dares to change one of his programme settings.

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