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Do you have your own Fashion knitwear brand and are looking for an alternative supply chain to make your knitwear production?

Many knitwear brands are now worried about impending trade tariffs being placed on certain countries due to 'dumping' and 'anti-competition' allegations.


Elegant Knitting International Sri Lanka supplies many global fashion brands with high quality, low MOQ private label knitwear - from organic cotton to the finest cashmere.  Our clients specialise in natural fibres because they are targeting premium markets where customers do not want cheap throw-away garments.


Being located in Sri Lanka also means that our production enters the EU and UK markets duty-free which is a huge advantage over large producers like China.


Are you-

1.ordering at least 150 pieces of a style,

2.looking for a certified ethical manufacturer,

3.want a professional alternative to the mass production countries,

then you should find out more about Elegant Knitting International division.


Contact us now.

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We start the process by identifying all the critical design features and performance criteria with our customers, such as: 

  • yarn type

  • gauge

  • fabric construction

  • shape and block

  • trimmings and accessories

This final design brief is discussed via video-link between our customer and Sri Lanka development members so that the project can start as quickly as possible.  Then the clock starts ticking.

A dedicated merchandiser will then handle all correspondence between the development team and the customer so that communication is fast and all loose ends dealt with.

Our goal is to have a sample dispatched to our customer within 10 days so they can make any fitting and design adjustments they consider necessary.  If everything goes to plan, a new garment should be in production planning within 3 weeks from the very first design discussion.

This rapid development process gives our customers the ability to react to the market in the fastest way possible to take advantage of every opportunity. 

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