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How to care for machine washable & 

tumble dry safe wool garments

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How to hand wash wool garments

Here is a really simple rule to remember: 

"Treat your knitwear like a newborn baby."  


For example, you would never put a newborn in boiling water. Nor would you use bleach or a harsh detergents on their skin, nor leave a baby out in the hot sun for the whole day.


  1. Use only luke-warm or cool water to wash, and never use harsh detergents especially ones with enzymes or claiming to make everything 'whiter than white'.

  2. If you are using a washing machine, always wash inside out so that the outer fabric is protected from rubbing. If you are hand washing, just use a gentle squeezing action to get water through the knit, but never start rubbing or scrubbing.  This will create a messed up and matted knit.

  3. We advise against adding softeners because these can increase pilling of the fibres. Merino is soft enough.

  4. You can lay the garment over a line or lay flat away from direct sun, but never use cloths pegs because these will leave deep marks on the knit surface.

  5. Try not to use a hot iron directly on your knitwear, because this can lead to severe shining marks or damage. Simply put a light cloth, like a tea towel, over the garment to protect it from the direct touch of the iron.

  6. You can always dryclean our garments, but make sure to tell the drycleaner not to iron the knitwear. This will protect it from possible damage.

  7. And when in doubt - just remember the Newborn baby rule.

  8. You might also want to check our Knowledge Base for a post on 'Stain Removal'

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