Test out our classic Red, White, and Blue polo shirt design simulator to get an idea of how to mix and match polo stripe styles. 

Scroll down to the sections below, choose a pattern swatch for the upper body and for the lower body choose the matching design or even something totally different.  Then add the collar - plain or striped.

This is just an idea generator. 

Now you can start designing your own polo shirt in your own colours. - we have 60 shades to choose from and hundreds of different patterns. 


Use the Reset button to start again.

Polos- seamless and standard

The best engineered striped Polo available and incredible low minimum quantity

Our 200gsm cotton blend knitted striped polo is the perfect option for all year round comfort.

Unlike sublimated polyester polo shirts, our polo breathes and stays super comfortable in any climate. More importantly, with our knitting technology the minimum run is just 50 pieces!

Using the latest computer programming, you can design any stripe combination using up to 6 different colours to create a unique garment for your school, club or organisation.

Find out more about our seamless engineered striped designs that have taken the  polo to a whole new level.

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